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Fall Newborn Sleep Workshop!

A lot may have happened since the last time I hosted a workshop and maybe you're now finding yourself in the category of "expectant parent"! If so, congratulations! That also means you'll be desperately looking for any and all information about babies! It's not too often the hospital will offer a class on newborn sleep, but in my opinion, it's so important to at least get a little insight into the mysterious world of newborn sleep! I will discuss the ABC's of safe sleep, the ins and outs of newborn sleep and development, and what we can do as parents to encourage sleep in our little ones! And did I forget to mention, it's FREE! This class is also open to parents who have newborns at home that Just. Won't. Sleep. If you're exhausted and looking for "answers", please stop by! No need to find a babysitter either, I'd love to meet your little night owl! Refreshments will also be provided. This event will be hosted by The Family Development center in St. Paul which is also a great resource for new and expecting parents! Check out their website: Hope to see you there!

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