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"Taylor was such a joy to have in our home. Her gentle spirit, dependability and self-starter attitude gave us total confidence in the care of our youngest son.  Her knowledge and experience allow her to be flexible, tailoring her care methods to the ideal needs of the family for which she is serving."

-Lauren and Andrew B.

Taylor is so knowledgeable about babies, willing to help out in any way, and most importantly took the best care of my little girl. She got my little girl sleeping through the night by 10 weeks and gave me the gift of getting some rest. I was able to rest so peacefully each night that she was there because I knew my baby was in great hands. Taylor is an amazing person and does an amazing job!"

- Adelaide R.

"We are so grateful to Taylor for being a part of our family during such a meaningful time. We're thankful for her attitude, professionalism, and understanding. We could not be happier that she was able to be here to help get us through an amazing and challenging time in our lives."

- Charlie R. 

"Working with a professional like Taylor was truly life changing for our family. Having her by my side through sleep training, keeping my son on the schedule, and breast-feeding were life saving! Even up until this day, her training and expertise have impacted how we raise our son, who is now 2! I immediately felt comfortable with her and found it a joy to work with her. My husband and I often look back and say we could not have done it without her! She became a part of our family and that is a great comfort to have when you are a new mom."

-Jamie R.

"Taylor was a delight to have in our home when our first baby was born. She was always on time and came into our home with a warm smile and a general care and concern for our well-being. She was always willing to answer my questions if I had any, and would offer suggestions when necessary. She would also do additional baby related chores around the house. We always felt our baby was safe and well cared for. Not to mention she was sleeping through the night by 5 weeks!

-April D.

"Taylor is incredibly passionate and dedicated to what she does. From the minute she stepped into my house on the day I got home from the hospital, I felt at peace with her taking care of my newborn. She was great at figuring out what my baby needed to be comfortable and happy. Not only did she take great care of her, she had her sleeping through the night by 10 weeks old! She is experienced, professional, and so sweet. I would recommend her to any of my friends and being a pediatrician myself, I would recommend her to all my patients!"
Celia B.

Taylor was a life saver for me and my husband.  We were brand new parents with a little one who had terrible reflux and recovering from jaundice.  Taylor’s knowledge and confidence in sleep training methods helped our little guy start sleeping through the night by 9 weeks old!  She also provided tons of advice on everything from burping, breastfeeding/milk supply, bathing, fussiness, colic relief, to what to expect next.  Beyond all of that she is just an amazing person who I loved sharing mommy talk with and who I trusted with my precious little jewel at night so I could get some rest."

-Anna C.

We absolutely loved having Taylor in our home. We were convinced our twins would never sleep through the night because they were sharing a room and could be quite noisy! But, sure enough, they were both sleeping through the night by 12 weeks! Taylor was so great at being consistent with them, utilizing her knowledge about twins, and sticking closely to the sleep plan. She was extremely organized and always prepped all baby things for us for the next day so we could feel prepared when we started each day. We would have hired her full time but she had a family of her own! To this day we are grateful for all of her help!

-Jeremy R. 

"Our little one was having a difficult time staying awake for feedings, so she just wasn’t getting enough ounces during the day to make it through the night. Once Taylor came to help, our little girl started doing much better! Taylor was great at coaching us and her knowledge and consistency really helped our baby start sleeping through the night! She was such a joy to have in our home, we still miss her!" 

-Sonya T.

"Words cannot describe how truly grateful and blessed we feel to have had Taylor in our life. She was exactly what we needed to help bring order and peace to our home. Her calm demeanor, consistency with schedules, and knowledge about babies helped us feel confident that our little one was in good hands. We cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for our family and we truly miss seeing her everyday!"

-Caroline G.

“Taylor was a tremendous help the past few months getting our twins to sleep through the night. She put in some long nights and we couldn’t have been more grateful for all her hard work. She was very organized and consistent with the twins which made our jobs much easier. We could not have maintained our sanity without her!”

-Tracy C. 

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