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Whether you're an expectant parent, first-time parent, or repeat parent, our services can be a life saver!


Unlimited Email Consultation (30 Days)                      

This includes customized schedules to fit your family's needs, answers to any questions you may have pertaining to newborn care and sleep, and support during the implementation of any changes.

Phone Consultation (Up to 1 Hour)

Allows us the opportunity to talk about your baby's current sleep situation and concerns. We will also go over helpful sleep information together to begin the process of encouraging better sleep habits.

In Home Consultation (1.5-2 hours) 

This is a great way to assess the baby's current sleep environment. We can discuss the current routine and ways to improve upon it. You may also ask any questions about newborn care or sleep and I can provide demonstrations for bathing, swaddling, techniques for gas relief/baby massage, feeding, etc. 

Unlimited Text Consultation (30 Days) 

This can be added to any service. It allows for quick responses to any questions you may have. 

Night Owl Overnight Care (8-12 hour shifts)

This option is the best of both worlds, you get to sleep, worry - free, and at the same time you get a trained sleep consultant to come to your home, do middle of the night feedings, and implement the sleep methods for you! They will also do any baby-related laundry, wash/sanitize bottles/pump supplies, and maintain a journal to keep you up to speed! Let us help your Night Owl!

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