My Story

Taylor Truso is the founder of Sleep Baby Night Owl. Over the past 5 years she has gained over 3000 hours of experience working overnight with newborns and successfully sleep training them. Each of her Night Owls have begun consistently sleeping through the night between 10-12 weeks. Her newborn experience includes working with multiples, swaddling techniques, skin issues, sleepy eaters, colic, gas pains/constipation, jaundice, challenging reflux, lip/tongue tie, and plagiocephaly. Her new mom experience includes a plethora of advice on breastfeeding, anxiety, post partum depression, proper nutrition, and what to know about baby's development and upcoming milestones. Her Bachelors degree in Psychology has given her additional tools when helping moms adjust to their new role. 

She and her husband have two beautiful children of their own and she loves every minute of being a mother. She lives in a convenient Twin Cities location which allows her to serve a number of different clients. 

My Philosophy

It's simple - if they sleep, you sleep! Sleep is so important for babies, if they get the proper amount they will be less fitful, more alert, have stronger immune systems, improved memory, higher attention span, the list goes on! Not only is sleep important for babies, it's important for parents! If we are getting sleep, we feel better, more energized, more able to handle stressful situations, more motivated, and generally more healthy. All of these things are crucial to becoming the best parents we can be for our little ones! Sleep can make the difference between being a good parent and being an extraordinary one. Teaching our children successful sleep habits from an early age is one of the best gifts we can give them.