General Sleep Training:

Q: How early do you start sleep training? 

A: As early as 2 weeks. 

Q: I'm pregnant and not due for awhile, am I silly to be thinking about this before baby comes?

A: Absolutely not! It is better to be prepared beforehand so that you can get the nursery ready, get the materials you need, have a sleep plan in place, and be ready to start proper sleep habits from day one! 

Q: My baby is 10 weeks old, am I too late to start sleep training?

A: It's never too late to start sleep training!

Q: I’m hesitant to consider sleep training because I feel like I should be able to handle this, is it ok to seek help?

A: Accepting help is the best thing you can do for you and your baby. The goal is to give yourself time to sleep and to give your baby the gift of sleep. Having a trained professional guide you toward achieving your goal is by all means acceptable and highly encouraged!

General Baby Care:

Q: We are new parents and super overwhelmed, do you provide any information on how to care for baby?

A: Absolutely. We provide tips on anything and everything from reflux to typical problems (diaper rash, skin irritations, cradle cap), avoidance of plagiocephaly, lotion/medicine recommendations, swaddle recommendations, general feeding tips, and even how to deal with the common case of hiccups!

Email Consultation:

Q: If I sign up for monthly email consultation, how quickly can I expect a response? 

A: Typically you will receive a response within a few hours, but you will be guaranteed a response within 24 hours, or money back.

Q: How many "free" emails do I get before I have to start paying?

A: It depends on the content of the emails. If you are wanting to start sleep training and need materials/schedules/detailed information, that is likely when well need to decide on a more formal arrangement.

Q: Can I decide to just do email consultation and not use any other service?

A: Absolutely! We are very flexible. However, sleep training will be most beneficial if we can also provide an in-home consultation so we can assess the current sleep environment and nighttime routine. 

Q: Is the email consultation a recurring monthly charge, similar to a subscription? 

A: No, it is month to month. You can get unlimited email support for 30 days and once the 30 days is up, you can decide to add another 30 days or not. 

Phone Consultation:

Q: What can I expect during my hour long phone consultation? 

A: This will be an opportunity for me to get to know your baby and some of the things currently going on or some current issues you may be having. You can ask any and all questions! I will also give you a run down of how sleep training works and can put together a customized sleep plan for you and your family. 

In-Home Consultation:

Q: What can I expect during an in-home consultation? 

A:  This option is the most effective because I actually get to see what is currently established and that will allow me to better assess the situation. We can sit down and get to know one another better, you can ask any and all questions, then you can show me the nursery and the details of the current sleeping arrangement. From there I will provide strategies and materials for sleep training.

Q: Will you bring sleep training materials with you during your visit?

A: It depends on what you prefer and what we have established before the consultation. I am happy to bring any and all materials if that is what your family needs.

Night Owl Overnight Care:

Q: If I have a sleep consultant come to my home overnight, what do they do while they are there?

A: It is ultimately your preference, but typically their main job is to establish and maintain a nighttime routine that also includes following a set sleep plan. They will typically start with bathing, then feeding, then swaddling and placing baby in crib for nighttime sleep. They will also do the middle of the night feeding and depending on their hours, the morning feeding as well. During the hours the baby is asleep they will wash bottles/sanitize, wash pump supplies/sanitize if breastfeeding, and do any baby related laundry. They are there to help as much as they can while you get some much needed rest! 

Q: What is a typical shift for an overnight sleep consultant? 

A: 9pm - 6am, but we can tailor that to fit your family's needs!