3 Reasons People May Be Hesitant About Sleep Training

Let’s discuss 3 possible viewpoints people may have about newborn sleep training which may prevent them from considering it: 1. Some of us tend to hear the word “training” and shy away from it because they consider it to be something vigorous, aggressive, forceful, or unnatural. I mean, we must be animals to consider sleep training our newborns! So, I invite you to reconsider the term “training”. Knowing what I know about sleep training, this primarily means the introduction of a very baby friendly/developmentally appropriate schedule. Which means, we aren’t forcing a 2 week old to sleep all night, and we certainly aren’t letting them “cry it out” all night. New babies need love and attentio

Yes, There Are People You Pay To Stay Overnight And Sleep Train Your Kids

Article by Huffington Post this past spring illustrating the rise in popularity of sleep training: There is certainly no shortage of information available to exhausted parents in search of tips and tricks on getting their babies to sleep longer at night. There’s the internet. There are books. There are friends who swear by this, and mothers-in-law who swear by that. But, if you were to ask parents if they’d ever considered using an overnight sleep trainer to coax their little one into more shut eye, chances are you’ll get more questions than answers. To learn more about this kind-of-brilliant, kind-of-bougie sleep trend, we’ve partnered with Sleep Number to learn more about the fascinating i

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